We plan for our futures and God has given us visions about our future. But what happens when right now doesn’t equal what God has shown you? It is a fact that things are not adding up for you and that things do not seem to be working out in your favor. But in spite of all that, it is also a fact that God desire good things for us. The Bible says, that God’s thoughts towards us are good and that God desires to bless us exceedingly abundantly above all that you can imagine or think.  So again, what happens when right now doesn’t look like it’s ever going to add up to God’s future for you…

We continue believing. We continue praying. We don’t give up on our walk with Christ because our cross got heavier than we thought it would. Doubt makes us feel mentally heavy. It clouds your mind and makes what we know in the spirit to be true hard to conceive in the natural. Our spirit knows that God will bring us out. Our natural side; our emotions and feelings, are all affected by rational thought. Rationally, it looks like it will never happen; but spiritually, God does not need the answer to be rationally achieved.  God can make things happen out of nowhere.

It does get tough sometimes, but we must stay in the Will of God. We check our vision often to see if it still lines up with The Word. If it matches The Word, we  continue pressing toward that vision because we know from The Word that it has to come to be.

Remember, the race is not given to the swift or the strong, but to those who endure to the end.

Recommended Reading:

Matthew 11:1-6: John the Baptist struggled with doubt and God strengthened him.

1 Kings 18:16 – 19:1-18: Elijah struggled with doubt and God strengthened him.


Our God is a just God.  He is righteous and He sovereignly rules.  It is easy to remember the goodness of God and remember how faithful and loving and gracious and merciful He is; but we forget about the righteousness and justice of God.  We forget that God is a God of judgment.  He judges the sins of every man and if there is no repentance for those sins and a turning away from those sins that man committed, God is just in judging that man to death.

It is not God’s desire for man to die in sin and go to hell.  He desires for us all to turn from our wicked ways and come back to Him.  All forms of sin separate us from our Most Holy Father.  Because we have a sin nature, we are subject to sin if left to our own devices.  That is, however, no excuse for a man to continue in sin because he says he cannot help it.  Ezekiel 18:21-24 explains that if a righteous man turns from goodness and sins, none of his goodness is remembered and he will die.  This may seem hard to apprehend, but it is just.  In order for God to forgive the sins of a wicked man and forget those sins if he turns to righteousness is the same way God has to forget the righteous deeds of a good man if he turns from his goodness to commit sin.  God could not be a just God if that were not so.

The work of Christ on the cross was necessary for our salvation.  Christ stepped out of his divinity to put on humanity to fulfill the Mosaic Law and show the world that He is The Way.  He became sin and lived among us sinless and died a sinner’s death so that sinners could take part in the inheritance of believers.  He became a curse for our sakes.

That inheritance is eternal life for those who believe.  We have been engrafted into The Family of God because Christ saved us (Romans 9).  Before we knew who Christ is, He died for us and imputed righteous unto us.  Salvation is not earned through works.  Salvation is given to the believer who has faith in Christ.  Righteousness is given to us.  We cannot be “right” enough to earn it; else, what would be the purpose of Christ’s work of salvation on the cross?

All we have to do is say yes to God.  After saying yes, we have to turn from our wicked ways and walk in the ways of holiness.  At Christ’s ascension, He promised the disciples a comforter who would come to equip them for the coming work of building The Church.  The Holy Ghost is that comforter and lives inside of men who earnestly seek after God.  The Holy Ghost is the spirit of God living inside of us; He is a gift to the believer.  He is our teacher, our guide, and our keeper.


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How willing are we to endure pain, rejection, or anything that offends the flesh for the sake of God’s will? We get these dreams and aspirations of what we hope our life will turn out to be and sometimes, we never consult with God first to see what His desires are for our lives. In Matthew 26:39, we read about the Last Supper and the events surrounding Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. The passage says Jesus threw himself on the ground and began to pray. What stood out for me was Him throwing Himself on the ground. That seems a bit uncomfortable to be laying on the ground praying.

Christ always kept His mission at the forefront of His mind.  He was always about The Father’s business.  He knew his purpose and although He knew it was going to be hard and painful, He knew it was more important for Gods will to be satisfied than to satisfy His will.  This is how we should be.  Always putting Gods will ahead of our own.  Always looking to His desires and not our own.  As the song says, our lives are not our own.  We were bought by Christ on Calvary.  God has intended to do some things in our lives to further His Plan, but we have to do something.

Flesh does not like pain. Flesh does not like to be offended or made uncomfortable. Romans 8:13 says that if we mortify the deeds of the flesh our spirits will grow. Christ was always praying and fasting. Prayer and fasting helps to strengthen the spirit so that we will be able to stand.  I challenge you as well as myself to do something to get closer to God; no matter how uncomfortable, get close to Jesus.

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