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Now more than ever before, we are seeing people who are in search for truth. We hear about all the ways people are seeking to obtain peace within themselves and how they take that truth and try to make sense of what is going on in the World. We know the truth. Christ Jesus is that truth and we have been commissioned by Christ to go out into all of the World and make disciples of them.

We, the true followers of Christ are responsible for going out into the mission fields and spreading the truth we know. We are seeking to spread the truth in a way new to our ministry. Join us all week long for Bible Study.


Friday Home and Foreign Mission live @ 7:00 pm

Jesus Baptized by John

John was busy preaching and baptizing people with speed and urgency. He knew his ministry was soon to decrease so that the ministry of Christ could increase. It was necessary for John to baptize Jesus so that Christ’s ministry could be validated and so that Christ ministry could be announced. What greater way for Christ’s ministry to be introduced than by God saying it Himself.

In ministry, we have to remember to stay humble and faithful to what God has called us to do. If someone else’s ministry takes prominence above yours, it is important to remember that ministry is not about you. It is our role to make a presentation of Christ and move away. Getting competitive in ministry causes confusion within the body and causes leaders in the body to lose their integrity. Being consistent in ministry helps us become more effective.

There was a transition made from John ministry to Jesus’ ministry that all believers should follow. Ministry should support ministry and should never be a platform for egos to increase and humility to decrease.